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Top Tips for Winterizing Your Boat in 2020

With Fall in full swing, sadly that means many boaters across the country will soon need to prepare your boat for winter storage. At SmartPlug, we are all about safety. We believe taking the extra steps now will ensure an easier, stress free launch in the spring time.

Here are our top tips for winterizing your boat:

Caring for your Engine

Without an engine, your boat can’t run! It is critical to care for your engine now so it remains protected during the winter. For inboard engines: an oil change is key, as is flushing the engine with non-toxic antifreeze. For outboard engines: treat your fuel tank with fuel stabilizer, flush the engine with fresh water, and lightly lubricate the exterior.

Prepping your Water & Sanitation Systems

It’s important that any residual liquid in your water or sanitation system is treated before winter storage. The last thing you need is for a line to freeze and burst and destroy your interior! We recommend draining your freshwater system as well as your sanitation system and protecting them both with antifreeze.

Assess your Electrical System

Always check your electrical connector and power cord! Confirm there are no signs of burning, corrosion, discoloring, or other damage. Now would be the best time to replace any questionable components. Review our full marine product lineup for a hassle-free upgrade so you’ll be ready to go come Spring!


Aside from removing your valuables from the interior of the boat, it’s critical to clean out your fridge, freezer, and cabinets too. Anything that may freeze and break should be removed from the boat. Also, take preventative measures to avoid mold and mildew building. Consider placing moisture absorbing crystals through your boat to help reduce the humidity. A humidifier is another reliable option to help control moisture throughout the cabin too.

As avid boaters for many years, trust us when we tell you just how important winterizing your boat is. Save time, money and stress by taking these easy steps and you’ll be glad you did come next season!

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