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What is the SmartPlug?
The SmartPlug is the first replacement to the problematic standard (known as the L5-30) of shorepower to come along in 70 years. Especially in marine environments, the L5-30 is notorious for overheating and melting. The SmartPlug’s “sleeve-in” design and double-locking system eliminate the movement and tension on the electrical pins that cause them to work loose, corrode and increase the potential for failure. Additionally, the three SmartPlug weatherproof seals ensure that no moisture infiltrates the internal electrical components, thereby rendering corrosion a non-issue.
Why do I need it?
Simply put, the SmartPlug design features eliminate all the major causes of corrosion, electrical, and mechanical failure, offering the end-user a safer alternative and peace of mind at a very competitive price.
Is it really weatherproof?
Yes. Our retrofit plug and inlet passed the “dreaded” 30-day salt fog test at the IMANNA testing facilities in Florida without a hint of moisture on the internals being found. The SmartPlug is the first retrofit shorepower plug to achieve this goal.
Has the SmartPlug been tested to any safety standards?
Yes! SmartPlug has been tested by Intertek, whose mark is ETL. Intertek has the same accreditations from OSHA as UL but is much more forward thinking when comes to new products that revolutionize an existing standard.
How easy is it to install on my *boat?
Very easy. The SmartPlug uses the same screw hole pattern as the current standard, so retrofitting usually takes less than an hour. See the instructions page for detailed step by step process.
Can the SmartPlug’s basic design be adapted for other uses?
Yes! We are always looking for new applications in which the SmartPlug can make a significant improvement in safety and usability. We would love to hear from you and are open to working with you to develop a solution that meets your needs. Please contact us to see if SmartPlug Systems would be a good fit for your application.
How effective is the cord seal on the cord?
The SmartPlug’s cord seal has been rigorously tested by IMANNA Labs to UL Marine testing specifications. The cord seal is able to bend a full 180-degrees back on itself without any visual gap appearing or water intrusion being detected.
What materials are used in the SmartPlug?
All external metals are highly polished Marine-Grade 316 Stainless Steel, the electrical pins are nickel-plated brass for maximum conductivity, and plastics are UV and heat resistant resins made right here in the USA. And last but not least the internal electrics are fully encased in thermal epoxy making them 100% weatherproof.
*boatside / *boat – can refer to any supply side that may require power. *dockside – can refer to any applicable power source.

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