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The LineGard™ PGFM product family provides ELCI (equipment leakage) ground fault sensing and is designed and manufactured by North Shore Safety, a leader in innovative safety products. The PGFM series operates in tandem with an Airpax™ LEL series, UL 489 listed circuit breaker, with shunt trip and auxiliary switch manufactured by Sensata Technologies.

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Showing all 4 results

The combined assembly of the PGFM and Airpax™ breaker meets the requirements of ABYC E-11 for ground fault protection and main shore power circuit protection. The PGFM constantly monitors the current balance of the conductors (wires / cables) supplying power to the load. When a ground fault of 27mA nominal (30mA max) occurs, the PGFM uses the LEL’s shunt trip coil to signal the breaker trip.

30AMP - Single Phase 120VAC ELCI Sensor - Breaker & Inlet Wire Drawing _4_29_21

50 Amp - Split Phase 120VAC - 240VAC ELCI Sensor - Breaker & Inlet Wire Drawing_4_29_21

50 Amp 240VAC System with a Transformer - ELCI Sensor - Breaker & Inlet Wire Drawing_4_29_21

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