Kevin Harrington on SmartPlug
Kevin Harrington has been featured on Shark Tank and has a wide portfolio of successful, innovative products. See why Kevin stands behind SmartPlug and explains why you should too.

SmartPlug Overview Presentation
Learn about the many benefits and features of our SmartPlug products. This presentation will explain how SmartPlug products were created to be a safer shore power system that is easier to use.

Download PowerPoint presentation (14.5 MB)

SmartPlug 30 Amp Connector Installation
SmartPlug 30 Amp connector installed onto an old shore power cord.

Go to installation page for SmartPlug 30 Amp Connector

SmartPlug 30 Amp Inlet Installation
Uninstall an old twist style shore power inlet and easily install the SmartPlug 30 Amp inlet into the same mounting hole on a boat.

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SmartPlug Shore Power Plug Kit for 30 Amp and 50 Amp RVs
The SmartPlug Shore Power Kit replaces the traditional twist-lock style power inlets found on most travel trailer and fifth wheels. With its superior design and features, it significantly increases connectivity and decreases heat making your electrical