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From the moment I picked it up, I appreciated it’s heft and knew I was working with a quality product.

Just want to say what a delight it is to use SmartPiug. From the moment I picked it up, I appreciated it’s heft and knew I was working with a quality product.

I particularly appreciated the bright light feature as the first of my 24 Airstream hookups at AutoCamp Russian River was at night and the light came as a pleasant surprise.

I also want to acknowledge its fool-proof design as there was no question as to how to plug it in.

Thanks for providing a great product.

Mark Belhumeur
General Manager AutoCamp Russian River

I have had the Smart plug installed on my Airstream trailer for a year and a half and it has been as advertised. It is a heavier duty and better looking alternative to the standard shore power cord and connection.

The cord is easy to handle and has an optional cover for the end of cord to prevent corrosion and dirt from getting into to the connections.

It slides straight in to the connection receptacle on the trailer and firmly locks into place with out any twisting or turning a plastic collar. The end of the cord has a blue LED light to let you know when you are hooked to power.

I would recommend Smart Plug to anyone wanting to upgrade their shore power cord and connections.

Dave Schumann
General Manager of Airstream Customer Relations, Retired

Dolphin Insurance has been specializing in offering marine insurance coverage to a range of owners for vessels of all types for 20 years and from time to time we see something that really captures the industries attention and the Smart Plug is certainly one of these.

We utilize only the finest marine Underwriters (AVIVA, Pacific Marine Underwriters, Cowan Insurance Group and certain syndicates at Lloyd’s of London for example) for our clients and they have all agreed to offer savings of up to 10% of the annual premium because of the perceived benefit to their risk mitigation strategy. It’s commonly known that the current “twist lock” method of shore power cords can result in a fire hazard if not properly maintained which impacts Underwriters profit / loss margin more than any other type of claim.

The design and benefits of the Smart Plug show that the risk of fire is substantially reduced which is a huge win for Underwriters so offering a discount for its installation and use certainly benefits everyone.

Sean Thompson

We installed SmartPlug on our trawler about a year ago. We hated the original 50 amp plug – Karen was never able to wrestle it onto the boat connector and it always felt a bit unstable. The installation was simple. The whole thing took about an hour with the “help” of our two dogs:


Now after having it for a year and traveling about 6,000 miles along the Great Loop, we’ve used it at a hundred marinas. It has been exceptional. It’s easy to use (even for Karen) and we feel safer having a much better product onboard for such a critical connection. The design is fantastic – well done SmartPlug. You get five stars from us!

Karen & Jeffrey Siegel
MV aCappella
Developers of ActiveCaptain

I found that the usual twist connectors develop much more heat due to the connection surface between plug and receptacle.

Also, and especially on a Roadtrek vehicle it is somewhat cumbersome to bend down and try to find the correct position for the OEM plug.

Using the smart plug provides me with the feeling of a rock solid connection, no fear of overheating and melting contacts, and the ease of plugging in. Disconnecting is easy, disconnect power, lift the cover, push in on the 2 tabs and pull the plug.

Here you have to wiggle a little bit up and down because the connection is tight, as it is supposed to be.

From my personal use and experience of this product I can recommend any RV owner to switch to the smart plug, as so many boat owners have done.

I wish the RV industry would change the existing twist plugs to a safe and sound system like this. The few more dollars are dollars well spent.


As the Technical Director at BoatUS for almost 30 years, one of my responsibilities was to read through insurance claims to find out why accidents occur on boats and how they might have been prevented.

These were reported in Seaworthy, the BoatUS marine insurance damage avoidance publication. One of the more troubling findings I encountered was the surprising number of onboard fires at a boat’s AC shore power inlet. The reason for the fires was well known by fire investigators. Instead of being securely bolted like a house connection, boats have to rely on a sliding plug that, over time, tends to wear and corrode. This results in a loser connection that generates excessive heat and causes fires. The latter have destroyed hundreds of boats and even entire marinas.

While at an industry trade show I came across a common-sense solution: the aptly-named SmartPlug. By locking the shore-power cord securely, SmartPlug creates a much tighter connection between the shore power cord and the boat’s AC inlet. It is my hope that these locking plugs will become the new standard for bringing AC electricity aboard recreational boats. It’s a solution that is long overdue.

Bob Adriance
Technical Director at BoatUS Marine Insurance (retired)

NauticEd featured SmartPlug on their website as a must have for your boat to replace the standard L5-30 shore power plug.

NauticEd is the World’s Most Advanced Sailing Education and Sailing Certification Program providing sailing training from basics to advanced education through entertaining and interactive multimedia online sailing courses and an unparalleled network of global training centers.



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