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The Ultimate Thanksgiving RV Camping Pack List

Thanksgiving is upon us! For committed RV enthusiasts, heading out on an RV adventure for the holidays is an exciting way to celebrate and spend time with the family.

If you’re planning on spending Thanksgiving in your RV, we’ve put together the ultimate camping pack list for you:

Emergency Road Kit – Accidents happen and it’s always best to be prepared. Your emergency kit should be equipped with jumper cables, a reflective safety vest, a flashlight, warning triangle, pocketknife, and first aid gear. While we hope your RV adventure is free from emergencies, at least you’ll have your kit just in case an accident arises.

Heated Blanket – You never know when the temperature may drop. Having a heated blanket is the perfect way to add extra warmth when you need it without having to pack and use potentially dangerous space heaters.

Portable Generator – Being stuck without power can certainly ruin your holiday getaway. It’s always smart to pack a small portable generator so you have backup power whenever you need it.

Family Entertainment – What better way to make memories on your adventure than cozying up by the fire with your family! Be sure to pack some fun board games, books, magazines, and even a smores kit for a delicious treat.

Leveling Blocks – Who wants to sleep on a crooked bed?! Leveling blocks are one of those items you won’t always need but are always great to have. These compact “blocks” level out your wheels on uneven terrain. While you may not need these on every trip, they are easy enough to store and you’ll be thankful in the event you do need them!

Secure Electrical Connection – When hooked up to electricity, you want to be sure your connection is safe and secure so your mind can be at ease and enjoy this special time with your family. SmartPlug offers a revolutionary lineup of power delivery products including shore power connections and power cords. The solid sleeve connection, multi-point locking system, and weatherproof seals ensure a safe connection every time.

Thanksgiving Feast – What is a thanksgiving getaway without the thanksgiving feast? Since your RV is limited on space, consider downsizing your feast and packing items that are smaller and easier to store like canned veggies, boxed potatoes, and baking mixes. Cooking a turkey requires the oven to be on for hours so maybe opt for a smaller turkey loin, meatloaf, or even a sandwich instead. If your route allows, consider stopping at a farm stand for fresh local produce and maybe cater the turkey too. Even without all the traditional fixings, a feast on your RV is sure to be a memorable experience for the whole family!

Are you heading out for a Thanksgiving RV adventure? We’d love to hear where you are going and what is on your packing list. Tell us in the comments!

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