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The RV Has Changed; So Should the Park Power Connection

People discovering the joys of RVing are often unaware of the dangers lurking in their outdated, twist-type park power connections. Today’s RVs have enormous electrical draws. Microwaves, TVs, in-floor heating, and hydraulic jack and slide-out systems are conveniences that weren’t even invented when the L-style pin system was introduced in the 1930s. The SmartPlug is the modern alternative. Uniquely designed, it overcomes the engineering flaws inherent in traditional plugs and inlets, and safely handles the power needs of the modern RVer.

Twist-type connectors have thin, and easily bent and corroded blades. The SmartPlug has a robust pin and clip design that provides over 25 times more metal-to-metal contact than the old style. This decreases electrical resistance and resultant overheating—a potential cause of RV fires.

The SmartPlug is asymmetrical for ease of use. There is no L blade to line up, nor ring to thread. Instead, the plug pushes straight in for simple one-handed engagement. Two side locking clips hold it in place and triple weatherproof seals keep out the rain and snow. Even if the cord is accidentally snagged, the design is far stronger than the twist-type and won’t damage internally.

Available in 16A, 30A, 32A and 50A versions, the SmartPlug is easily installed with household tools. It fits into the same mounting hole as an old-style square inlet and has an identical screw pattern.

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