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The Dangers of Using Outdated Shore Power Systems

Shore power systems are essential for boats and recreational vehicles that require electrical power while docked. These systems provide a means of connecting the vessel to a source of electricity, allowing boaters and RVers to power their appliances, lighting, and other electrical systems.

However, not all shore power systems are created equal, and some can be dangerous if they are outdated. Case in point: twist-type plugs.

One of the main dangers of using twist-type plugs is that they do not have a locking mechanism.

This means that the plug can easily become disconnected from the power source, which can lead to power outages and equipment damage.

Furthermore, these plugs lack weatherproofing, which means that they are susceptible to damage from water and other environmental factors.

Outdated Shore Power Systems Could Lead to Accidental Fires

But it’s not just the inconvenience of power outages and equipment damage that you should be worried about, outdated shore power systems can also lead to accidental fires.

Corrosion and overheating are two factors that can lead to electrical fires when using outdated shore power systems.

Corrosion can occur when the shore power cord is not properly weatherproofed, allowing water and other environmental factors to damage the cord and create a potential fire hazard.

Overheating can occur when the shore power cord is not properly rated for the load it is carrying, which can cause the cord to become hot and create a fire hazard.

Why You Should Use SmartPlug Instead

At SmartPlug, we’ve developed a range of features that work to prevent these dangers and provide a safer shore power connection.

One of these features is our patented locking mechanism, which eliminates the problem of accidental disconnection, reducing the risk of electrical fires caused by power outages.

Additionally, our products are weatherproof, preventing corrosion and protecting against water damage. They’ve been tested and certified to meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring that they are properly rated for the load they are carrying which reduces the risk of overheating.

SmartPlug also offers circuit breaker protection, which protects your shore power system from overloading and potential fires. Furthermore, our products have built-in safety features that detect power surges and electrical shorts and automatically shut off the power, preventing electrical fires.

In short, while shore power systems are essential for boats and RVs, it is important to choose a system that is safe and secure.

Outdated shore power systems like twist-type plugs can be dangerous and lack the necessary safety features to protect your vessel and its electrical systems from power outages, equipment damage, and accidental fires caused by factors like corrosion and overheating.

SmartPlug offers a range of shore power products that are designed to meet the needs of boaters, RVers, and marina operators. With features that work to prevent these dangers and ensure the safety of your shore power connection, SmartPlug is a smart investment.

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