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Safe Boating Practices for the Holiday Weekend

For many boaters across the country, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kick off to summer and boating season. We can’t stress boating safety enough; here are some important safety practices to keep in mind for the holiday weekend: Check the Weather Before you head out, check the approaching weather along with how that will affect the seas and wind. Always play it safe and stay off the water if impending weather seems volatile. The long holiday weekend will provide for many boating opportunities, don’t leave your safety to chance. Be Responsible The holiday weekend means more people out enjoying the water. With increased water traffic, it’s important to be responsible and follow safe boating practices. Stay alert, drive at a safe speed and keep an eye on your immediate surroundings. Also, being responsible means designating a driver to ensure safety at all times. Share Your Float Plan Before you head out to enjoy the long holiday weekend, share your boating plans with your friends or family that will not be joining you. In the case of an emergency, they will be able to provide your location to the authorities. Conduct a Safety Check Before every boat trip,it’s important to conduct a safety check of your vessel. Ensure the engine is in good running condition and check to make sure your generator is running properly. Always make sure you have the appropriate number of floatation devices and that you have working fire extinguishers in the cabin as well as smoke detectors. If you’ll be docking for the weekend, double check that your shore power connection is intact. If the connection is loose or corroded, the SmartPlug is an easy fix. Lastly, don’t forget to fill up the tank! Happy boating and Happy Memorial Day weekend!
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