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Boat Care Tips for Summer

Odds are you’ve already taken your boat out on the water this season. As much fun as enjoying the nice weather on a boat can be, there are some basic maintenance responsibilities that come with the good times. Statistics show that nearly 10% of all boating accidents are maintenance related, so let’s make sure we’re doing all we can to have a safe and enjoyable boating season. Here are our summer boat care tips:

1. Wash your boat

The first and simplest task is to wash your boat regularly. Remember that your exterior needs to be just as clean as your interior. If you boat in saltwater, it’s important to rinse your boat thoroughly with fresh water after every outing to remove salt residue. This will prevent salt buildup and damage to the clear coat.

2. Change your oil

Just as your car needs to have their oil changed, so does your boat. Checking your fluids is a simple task and should be done before hitting the water, every time. If the oil is dark or your engine has hit the recommended service interval, take the time to change the oil. Changing the oil in your boat’s engine is an easy way to prevent bigger issues from arising later in the season.

3. Check the propeller

If you have an outboard or stern drive boat, before every outing take a quick look at the propeller as part of your pre-launch routine. Use a deep socket to make sure the propeller nut is secure. You should also get into the habit of removing the propeller every so often to make sure there isn’t a fishing line wrapped around your propeller shift. If it is, take it to a dealer so they can inspect the gear case further. In addition, while the prop is off, inspect it for nicks, scratches, or any other signs of damage.

At SmartPlug, boating safety is our number one priority. With summer being the busiest boating season, it’s the most important time to make sure your boat maintenance is up to date!

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