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Autumn Boating Tips

Autumn is a beautiful time to head out on the water and enjoy all the season has to offer. While the weather may be cooler, the crisp air paired with the sunshine can make for an amazing day on your boat.

Before you head out, be sure to check out our top autumn boating tips:

Dress Appropriately

Always be prepared for a cool breeze across the water. Check the weather before you head out and always pack extra layers just in case cool autumn air rolls through. Don’t forget to keep rain gear onboard just in case!

Fill Your Tank

During less busier seasons, fuel docks may alter their hours. Instead of getting stuck out on the water, fuel up before you head out to ensure you’ll have enough gas to make it to your destination.

Check Your Electronics

We always recommend checking your electronics systems on a regular basis. With shorter daylight hours in autumn, it’s best to ensure your navigation lights are working properly and that you have flashlights and extra batteries on hand too. With less boaters on the water during this time, it’s important to make sure you VHF radio is working should you need to call for assistance.

Travel Safely

No matter what season it may be, always travel safe! Aside from following safety protocol, ensure your electrical connection is safe too. The #1 cause of shore power failure and fires is caused by overheating due to poor electrical conductivity. Put your mind at ease and install SmartPlug to eliminate overheating and secure your electrical connection.

Do you have any tips for autumn boating? Tell us in the comments! We hope you have a fun, safe boating season this autumn!

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