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A Special SmartPlug Installation

We love when customers send us photos of their SmartPlug installed on their RV or boat! We recently received photos of the Adonia, a really unique and special boat, equipped with our 50A system and new marine cord.

Here is some information about the Adonia:

A 60-foot flagship yacht docked at the Waterside Marina to highlight the revamped Waterside District. Adonia –meaning beautiful woman or goddess in Greek –is the flagship boat for Waterway Guide, which publishes magazines for boaters and helps promote Atlantic waterways. The Adonia was built in 1947 by John Trumpy and Sons in Gloucester City, N.J. Trumpy also built the presidential yacht USS Sequoia, which looks similar and was used by the Hoover through Carter administrations. The yacht has planks up to 180 years old, from long leaf heart pine to oak to Cyprus.

While the Adonia may be an old, classic boat, it is equipped with the latest technology from SmartPlug. With 20x more electrical contact and triple weatherproof seals, the SmartPlug will keep the Adonia safe and secure!

Check out these pictures of the Adonia with our SmartPlug installed:

If you have SmartPlug installed on your boat or RV, send us some photos and we can feature you on an upcoming blog! Contact us here.

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