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5 Best Marine Navigation Apps

Looking for the best marine navigation app to use in your next adventure? We got you!

Getting lost during a fishing or boating trip is one of the scariest nightmares a person can have. This is why a reliable navigation system is a must for any trip. But the thing is, these navigation systems can cost you a fortune.

Good thing there are now marine navigation apps that you can use as an alternative.

However, there are tons of apps available in the App Store. And it is hard to decide which ones are worth trying. So, here are our top picks!


CMAP is an app where you can plan your next sailing trips hassle-free. It gives you information about the weather, traffic, and tracks in the water. Using this app, you can prepare the safest route to take before your cruise. You can also do it both on your phone and PC.

And the best part? You can download all your plans so that you can access them all offline. With this, having a poor data connection will not be a problem.
You can download it here for free!

2. Polaris GPS Navigation

Are you searching for an all-in-one navigation app that you can use for marine and land activities? Then this is the app for you.

Polaris GPS Navigation is easy to use even for beginners who want to go on an adventure both on land and water. Aside from the compass, maps, and trail features, this app has a satellite map view. This feature gives accurate illustrations of your current location. There’s also an anchor alarm you can use that will tell you if you have already set your anchor at your preferred height.

How cool is that? So, if you want to download this app, click here.

3. Boating HD Marine & Lakes

This app gives a nautical chart that you can use for cruising, fishing, sailing, diving, and more. There’s even a sonar chart if you prefer using that. You also get to make your own markers for the routes you are going to create on the map. It also informs you of the weather and tide conditions before and during your trip.

Download the app for free here.

4. i-Boating

I-Boating is an app that provides offline nautical charts, inland river navigation charts, and lake contour maps. You can use this app for various water activities like sailing, fishing, kayaking, and more. The app has a route assistance feature that will guide you according to the path you created. I-Boating even gives out tide and current predictions to help keep you from harm.

Go and check out this app by clicking here.

5. SailFreeGPS

This simple GPS app that was also made by a sailor has various functionalities that will help you on your trip. It displays your current position, course, speed, and distance. There’s a man on board button that allows you to memorize the position of a crew member that has fallen off. And, it includes graphs that show the current and tide conditions.

Give this app a try and click here.

Going on a cruise is fun, especially if you are going to do it at a place you are not familiar with. But this can also lead to disaster if your trip will only consist of you endlessly searching for the correct route to take. So, we hope that through the marine navigation apps we found, this will not be a problem. And if you want to know more about other GPS or navigation apps, then you can read all about it on Joy of Android.

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Do you use other marine navigation apps that were not included on this list? Let’s talk about it in the comments down below.

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