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Top New Year’s Resolutions for the RV’ers

It’s the New Year and you’ve likely made a few New Year’s resolutions for your health, lifestyle, and other areas. But did you consider making resolutions centered around your RV travels? If you’re an RV enthusiast, you don’t want to miss SmartPlug’s top New Year’s resolutions for RV’ers:

1. Take More Trips

Don’t let your beloved RV sit idle in the driveway or storage lot. This year resolve to take more trips, even if it’s a quick getaway to your favorite local state park or campground. Put it on the calendar and commit to going! To make quick spontaneous trips easier, create a custom packing list and keep it handy so you always know what to gather when it’s time to hit the road on a whim.

2. Take the Long Way

RV’ing is about enjoying the journey while reaching your destination. It’s more exciting to take the scenic backroads or roads less traveled instead of the main thoroughfare.  It allows you to stumble upon new towns, shops, and restaurants you wouldn’t know existed otherwise.

3. Explore New Places

Stuck in an RV travel rut? There’s nothing wrong with returning to favorite spots year after year, but let 2022 be the year you seek out exciting new destinations. Need ideas and inspiration? Plan your travels with RV Trip Wizard to locate the campgrounds and points of interest in the desired area. Get tips and advice on RV forums such as Visiting new places will fulfill an avid RV’ers adventurous spirit.

4. Go Off the Grid

Do you love camping but get tired of crowded and noisy campgrounds? Rather than planning your trips to campgrounds, why not go off the grid and reunite with nature? Turn off the TV, computer, and phone and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. It is the perfect way to tune out, re-center, and clear your mind. Many people love the thrill of boondocking (camping outside a designated campground with no utility hook-ups). Does the thought of boondocking intrigue but also intimidate you? Here are a few articles that will get you acquainted with how to go off the grid.

5. Show Your RV Some Love

So you’ve resolved to take more trips and explore new places this year, but that means your RV needs to be in top shape. Whether you have a brand new RV or a used one you’re making your own, the New Year is the perfect time to give it some TLC.

Start with regular maintenance and inspections. Check the tires, roof, awning, windows, and all the electric systems regularly. Track your maintenance projects and repairs, and keep an organized file in your RV.

Next, refresh the inside with those trendy curtains you’ve been eyeing for example. Consider upgrading the mattress, or simply buy a few small decorations to make it feel like home. After all, it is your home on wheels!

6. Upgrade to SmartPlug Safety

Safety always comes first when it comes to adventuring. If your electrical connection is outdated and/or shows signs of weathering, burns, or rust, it’s time for an upgrade. SmartPlug is a revolutionary electrical connection that features triple weatherproof seals, a solid sleeve connection, and just plugs right in without twisting. Hit the road in confidence and the highest level of safety this year.

No matter what your specific RV resolutions and goals this year, be sure to get out there and have fun! We’d love to hear your RV resolutions for 2022 – tell us in the comments!

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