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Smartplug Owners Always Prepared With 50a Pigtail Adapters

Power pedestal electrical hookups can vary greatly from one to another. Savvy boat and RV owners using the revolutionary SmartPlug shore power system will always be prepared for what they encounter at the dock with a set of 50A Pigtail Adapters. Available in four configurations, the devices ensure the electricity flows reliably and safely.

Traditional twist-type AC shore power connectors have thin, fragile blades that easily corrode. The SmartPlug is the modern replacement that has 27 times more metal-to-metal contact. This provides better electrical flow, and reduces resistance and overheating, common causes of boat fires and power failures.

SmartPlug Pigtail Adapters have an asymmetrical design with locking, multi-point stainless steel side clips for simple one-handed operation. Unlike old-style twist-type connectors, they slide right in with no fumbling with threads or lock rings, or searching for proper pin alignment. Overbuilt, they withstand the stresses of constant movement and sudden jarring.

Designed for extreme weather conditions, SmartPlug Pigtail Adapters have multi-fin silicone gaskets that eliminate water penetration. They’re manufactured with tinned marine grade wire for years of corrosion-free hook-ups.

All 50A Pigtail Adapters have a 50A female SmartPlug connector on the boat side. The C50044 Pigtail Adapter has a 50A twist-type connector on the dock-side, while the C50044L530P model has a 30A twist-type connector. The C50044L515P version has a traditional three-prong 15A wall plug connector and the CM50043 has a 30A SmartPlug dock-side plug. Prices start at $165.

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