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RVing This Winter? Here’s How to Stay Warm

Cold weather and beautiful snowy sights are finally here. RVing with a stunning snow-blanketed view can bring you peace and serenity like no other. Traveling with the cold calls for careful planning to keep you warm during your overnight stays. Any one problem can cause your beautiful trip to turn to a frosty disaster! Although it may be tricky to have both you and yourRV stay warm, we’ve come up with some of the best tips to stay toasty in a freezing setting.

Keep the Heat In

Many RV’s are sold with promises to keep it warm thanks to the thermal packages.Unfortunately, that extra insulation isn’t enough for the cold temperatures. If you are planning on camping in the extreme cold, it’s important to consider a skirt for your RV. This skirt will reduce interior heat loss and will help stabilize your RV. Keeping the battery bays, and other water running functions, such as plumbing, warm will reduce problems on your trip.

While they claim to cold temperature proof, your windows can be big culprits of drafts. There are numerous ways to beat the cold with added insulation including: insulation boards, solar blankets, or thermal curtains. These are all great items to have on board with you while RVing in the snowy weather.

If your RV is equipped with SmartPlug, you can run an electric heater to stay warm. SmartPlug eliminates overheating so you can have peace of mind that your family is safe while staying warm during your winter adventure.

Watch Out for Water

Cold temperatures can be your worst nightmare when it comes to the running water in your RV. Always be aware of your pipes, and don’t let them burst! To prevent this from happening, drain your RV of its fresh water tanks, and bring bottled water to satisfy your needs instead. You can also use antifreeze to avoid freezing pipe issues. To apply antifreeze, you can flush it down the toilet and pour it down the drain. Keep your heaters warm for the winter, and invest in some tank heaters. Being aware of your water pipes is imperative when traveling in freezing conditions. For any pipes that are exposed, be sure to add a layer of insulation to ensure warmth.

When you use SmartPlug as your shore power connection, you don’t have to worry about freezing temperatures and ice. SmartPlug features a solid sleeve connection and triple weatherproof seals so you can ensure you have a secure electrical connection that will keep your RV powered safely.


Add a Dehumidifier

Condensation due to the confined space for heat can be prevented with the simple use of a dehumidifier. Warmth in the walls can cause the growth of mold, and your small space will begin to become very stuffy. The use of a dehumidifier will allow for the air to become clean again, and for the water to be absorbed.

While traveling this winter, think smart and safe. Your trip will run smoothly thanks to a few extra items to bring along with you. To ensure your safety during your trip, travel with SmartPlug — the most reliable and trustworthy product in the RV industry. SmartPlug’s three weatherproof seals eliminate the possibility of water and moisture intrusion, ensuring a safe and dry connection. Don’t let the snow be a hassle, instead travel with safety and these RVing winter tips!

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