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RV Travel Myths

With so much information and opinions available on the internet these days, it’s hard to differentiate if what you’re reading is accurate and helpful. As avid RV enthusiasts for many years, we’re here to bust some popular RV travel myths.

If you’re a rookie RVer, you’ll want to check out the following myths before you head out on your next RV adventure:

Myth 1 – Don’t Travel With Your Water Tank Full

So long as you don’t put your RV over its Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, it is completely fine to travel with your water tank filled. The water tank is meant to be filled so you can use it. So, check your weight with the tank full and confirm you aren’t close to your maximum Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.

Myth 2 – It’s Ok to Travel With Your Propane On

It is never a good idea to travel with your propane on. Propane is extremely flammable, and it is never worth the risk. If you’re worried as to whether or not your refrigerator will stay cold without it on, the likelihood is everything will stay cool for the few hours you’re on the road. If you’re that concerned, add a few freezer packs to your fridge for extra caution. Only turn on your propane when you are stopped and at camp.

Myth 3 – You Need Camping Memberships

Oftentimes, beginning RVers think that getting various camping memberships will be beneficial. Until you get out and visit different RV camps, you won’t know what is best suited for you. We recommend getting some miles on the road before you sign-up and make a financial commitment to a membership.

We hope you enjoy your next RV adventure – travel safe!

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