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Ring in the Near Year with an RV Celebration

Have you ever thought about hosting a New Year’s Eve party in your RV? We have, and think it’s the most epic and unique way to celebrate the new year! At SmartPlug, we love out of the box ideas, so we’ve put together some inspiration to help you plan your awesome RV New Year’s Eve party: The Atmosphere With an RV, there are endless options for the physical location of your party. Set up camp at a local spot or road trip to a new destination. Some RV grounds have New Year’s celebrations with fireworks shows, so do a little research and you can really wow your guests! Keep in mind that less is more when it comes to your RV. You don’t want to take up too much space with unnecessary adornments. Perhaps have colorful lights hung up and some balloons placed variously in and outside of the RV. Consider the size of your RV and the best ways to make the most of the limited space. Rearrange your furniture and even relocate items outside so guests can get comfortable both indoors and outdoors (weather permitting, of course!). Food Food is not only a necessity to keep guests fed, but it can also add to the décor. Thoughtfully laid out platters and colorful desserts can bring even a bland interior to life. If you need some NYE inspiration for party food, consider these: 
  • Confetti clock cookies: fill sugar cookies with rainbow sprinkles then decorate them with a clock face using icing.
  • White chocolate dipped cherries: this gorgeous contrast of bright red and white is elegant, attractive, and delicious.
  • Apps: keep to the classics! Finger foods like pigs in a blanket, mini ham and cheese sandwiches, and small pizza bites are guaranteed crowd pleasers.
Activities Even though a party in an RV is already a unique way to celebrate, be sure to entertain your guests and give them a night to remember. Depending on the location, a bonfire outside of your RV allows your guests to get some fresh air without freezing. Consider planning some games instead of watching the Rockin’ New Year’s Eve special the entire night. You can even set up a homemade photo booth in your RV! Just set up a backdrop and supply some props and cut outs, like paper mustaches, glasses, and hats. If you have a bunkhouse in your RV that will provide a perfect place for your photo booth. Lastly, always remember, safety first! If your guests will be drinking, ensure they have a safe ride home. Always practice fire safety if you will be making a bonfire or will be near fireworks. Additionally, be sure your RV is equipped with the latest and most advanced electrical connection. No matter where you celebrate, SmartPlug would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year! If you decide to throw the epic RV NYE party, share your pictures with us on Facebook!
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