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Now That’s One Smart Boat Upgrade

You wouldn’t upgrade your kitchen with all new appliances and stop short by leaving the refrigerator from 1938 would you? Then why would anyone take the time to upgrade their boat without upgrading their shore power delivery outlet where the technology also hasn’t seen any true updates since 1938? You simply wouldn’t!

Budget-minded boat upgrades are a great way to maintain and increase the resale value of your boat, but often time’s enthusiasts will stop short when it comes to shore power delivery in lieu of replacing the shinier, sexier items aboard. And while they may be appealing to the eye, savvy buyers will also be on the lookout for safety features and upgrades that will help to protect their marine investment.

With all the technological advancements that have come along in our time (supped-up stereos, smart phones, and the like), and with people plugging more and more items in while on the water, you would think that upgrading their shore power delivery system would be a no brainer. The fact is that upgrading your shore power delivery is easier than most people think and can make for a world of difference when it comes to the safety and protection of your boat.

SmartPlug offers an easy-to-use DIY kit that allows the average boat owner who’s comfortable enough with changing a plug in their home to change their shore power delivery outlet in their boat. And since it uses the same mounting plate as the old twist-type connectors, there’s no need for drilling or cutting during the installation. There are also plenty of online videos and guides for those who want an added piece of mind before taking on this upgrade on their own.

SmartPlug’s aim has always been to provide a shore power solution that is easy, safe, and secure and that helps discerning boat owners protect and enjoy their watercraft for as long as possible. Now that’s sexy!

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