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boat safety-worthy

Is Your Boat Safety-worthy?

Before spending many of your summer days on the water, we’ll help get your boat safety-worthy. Our revolutionary products feature the latest technology and highest quality materials that you’ll find easy to use and install. In this blog article, we’ll cover which SmartPlug products and other items you’ll need to keep you safe on every boating excursion you’ll take this season and beyond.

Items to Get Your Boat Safety-worthy


  • Inlets: Our inlets provide 27 times more electrical contact area eliminating the overheating conditions seen with twist-type connectors. The solid sleeve connection and weatherproof seal make SmartPlug the preferred option. The mounting flange holes match existing inlets so they can be easily installed to replace the old twist-type inlet products in minutes. Our inlets are designed with high-performance and flame-resistant material and are offered in a variety of colors to match your boat.
  • Connectors: SmartPlug connectors feature LED Two Color Reverse Polarity and Power Lights – one red and one blue LED light for Safe/Unsafe Electrical Power Indication under Reverse Polarity Conditions. The connector’s unique body shape includes a sleeve design that fits snugly within the inlet, removing all tension from pins and clips, and can easily be inserted with one hand. Dual 316 stainless steel side locking levers help keep the connection tight and secure.
  • Cordsets: SmartPlug cordsets replace old, outdated twist-type shore power cords and the cables use tinned wire to minimize corrosion from the elements. Our Superflex cables combine flexibility and durability, and are easy to coil even in freezing weather. Marine cordsets also come with a cool blue LED Power indicator light that glows when power is on and features a weatherproof seal for the boat side and the industry standard three-pin twist-type connector for the marina power pedestal.
  • ELCI: After falling or unknowingly jumping into water that’s been electrified by a boat’s faulty wiring can trigger total body immobility and even stop a heart, tragically resulting in a drowning fatality. Our ELCI solution helps prevent this from happening with its sophisticated design, consisting of two components, a ground fault sensor used in tandem with a UL-489 listed circuit breaker with a built-in shunt trip and auxiliary switch. This combined package provides power and fault status indicators and identifies between a ground fault versus a short circuit trip.


  • Life Jackets (also referred to as Personal Flotation Devices or PFDs)
  • Throwable PFDs Such as Throw-Cushions or Life Rings
  • Flares or SOS LED Electronic Visual Distress Signals
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Air Horn or Whistle
  • Navigation Lights


  • Sun Protection: Sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses, sun hat, Buff UV products, etc.
  • Spare Clothing in a Waterproof Bag: The weather can change without notice, so it’s best to be prepared.
  • First Aid Kit: Stocked with bandages, alcohol swabs, pain reliever medication, and more.
  • Plenty of Drinking Water and Snacks: In the unfortunate event you do get stranded out on the water or out longer than expected, you’ll have plenty of nourishment aboard.
  • Tools and Spare Parts: Fuses, spark plugs, etc.

Before you venture out on your next boating adventure, please make safety a priority and stock your boat with SmartPlug and all the items we mention above, along with everything you require for a little fun. If you’ll be fishing, don’t forget your fishing license and fishing poles. Just boat cruising? Grab a few towels and perhaps a float and some snorkeling gear in case you and your crew decide to go for a swim.

Should you have questions about the SmartPlug lineup of products, feel free to contact us or locate a dealer here. Here’s to a wonderful summer 2022 on the water!

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