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Holiday Gifts for the Boater in Your Life

With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gifts for your family and friends. At SmartPlug, we’re passionate about boating, so we’ve compiled this list of the best holiday gift ideas for the boater in your life! 1. Engel High-Performance 25 GT Cooler This distinct cooler is roto-molded for toughness and durability. It’s built with 2 inches of insulation throughout so that it retains ice for up to 10 days! Its all-silicon gaskets ensure an airtight seal that will never lose its shape. This gift is perfect for family boat trips or an all adult trip with just friends! Price: $149.99 Purchase here. 2. Orca Chasertini Glass Boating goes hand in hand with relaxing and enjoying your free time. We all know from experience, passengers like to enjoy a nice cold cocktail while onboard. But nothing is worse than when your martini gets warm in the blistering sun. Pop this Chasertini glass in the freezer then add any libation and you can count on it to remain cold until tomorrow! Price: $24.99 Purchase here. 3. West Marine Blanket This gift is one the whole family can enjoy out on the boat. Whether you use it as a lap warmer or for snuggling on a cold windy night, these refined blankets are perfect for indoor and outdoor usage. They’re easy to care for and machine washable. Shop the designs and pick one that best suites the boater in your life. Price: $29.99 Purchase here. 4. Innova Kayak Inflatable Solar 410 C This gift is perfect for the adventurous boater. While inflatable kayaks used to be glorified pool toys, this Innova lets you bring a boat on board with you in a bag. You can stow this kayak out of the way when you’re enjoying your big boat then take it out when you’ve anchored and are ready to go exploring. It allows seating for three people. Price: $759 Purchase here. 5. Shore Power System Ensure the boater in your life is safe and secure with a new SmartPlug shore power system. This easy to use system provides protection against loose connections and corrosion – the leading causes of shore power failure and fires. Find a distributor here. No matter what type of boater you have in your life, one of these gifts is sure to excite them this holiday season. When they thank you for the gift, be sure to tell them SmartPlug hooked you up with the idea!
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