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Get Your Boat Ready for Spring with SmartPlug

What better way to kick off your boating season than being safe and secure? With the SmartPlug lineup of marine products, we’ve got you covered. Our revolutionary products feature the latest technology and highest quality materials that you’ll find easy to use and install.

Here’s what you need to keep you safe on every boating excursion you’ll take this season and beyond:

Inlets: Our inlets provide 20X’s more electrical contact area eliminating the overheating conditions seen with twist-type connectors. The solid sleeve connection and weatherproof seal makes it a preferred option. The mounting flange holes match existing inlets so it can be easily installed to replace the old twist-type inlet products in minutes. Our inlets are designed with high performance/flame resistant material and are offered in a variety of colors to match your boat.

Connectors: Our retro-fit connector offers superior performance and ease of use, designed to use with your current cord set. You simply cut off the cord plug on your RV/Boat cord. The connector has spring loaded side levers that automatically lock into the slots on the inlet housing. The connector has mechanical cord restraint, color-coded wire guides, and a water-resistant cord seal.

Cordsets: Our Marine cordset comes with a cool blue LED Power indicator light that glows when power is on. The cord set is available in a 25′ & 50’ lengths with the SmartPlug connector and features a weatherproof seal for the boat side and the industry standard three-pin twist-type connector for the marina power pedestal. Our cords have tinned wire and have been designed to minimize corrosion.

ELCI: The LineGard™ PGFM product family provides ELCI (equipment leakage circuit interrupter) ground fault sensing and is designed and manufactured by North Shore Safety, a leader in innovative safety products. The PGFM series operates in tandem with an Airpax™ LEL series, UL 489 listed circuit breaker, with shunt trip and auxiliary switch

The combined assembly of the PGFM and Airpax™ breaker meets the requirements of ABYC E-11 for ground fault protection and main shore power circuit protection. The PGFM constantly monitors the current balance of the conductors (wires/cables) supplying power to the load. When a ground fault of 27mA nominal (30mA max) occurs, the PGFM uses the LEL’s shunt trip coil to signal the breaker trip.

Data Ports: Our Data Ports are the perfect complement to our stainless shore power inlets, offering the same look and quality marine grade stainless steel components. Our data ports feature a weatherproof seal, are easy to use and install, and include a silicone mounting gasket.

Before you head out this season, make safety a priority. If you have questions about the SmartPlug lineup of products, feel free to contact us or locate a dealer here.
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