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Equip Your Airstream Toolbox

While you’re on the road, especially on family trips, safety should be your number one priority. While equipping your Airstream with our SmartPlug technology is a great way to ensure safety for all passengers, another great safety tip is equipping your Airstream toolbox with the necessary items.

Here are some of our must have items to keep in your toolbox at all times:


No matter how new or well-constructed your Airstream or RV may be, eventually something will have to be tightened or loosened. Some basic tools to equip you for any of these circumstances are:

  • Socket wrench set: for tightening or loosening bolds and machine nuts
  • Philips head and flat bladed screwdrivers: keep a large, medium, and small size in your toolbox for tightening or loosening screws
  • Small drill bit set: get the kind that works with both metal and wood
  • Cordless drill: and don’t forget to have a spare battery.



It’s important to keep things together on your Airstream! Adhesives are perfect for a variety of specialized purposes. Keep these in your toolbox: 

  • “Super” Glue: for those high strength repairs
  • Vinyl Adhesive: used to fix tears in vinyl fabrics
  • Multi-Purpose Adhesive: can be used for most items losing their stickiness; loose trim and molding, peeling decals, etc.



Some other important equipment for your toolbox:

  • Two way radios: can be used when backing your Airstream into a site, hitching up the trailer, or monitoring your children
  • Tube of ball hitch lube: to help minimize grinding while towing
  • Spare fresh water hose washers
  • A travel-sized can of spray lubricant: for various projects or repairs


You never know what may come up while you’re traveling to your next RV destination; it’s always better to be safe and prepared! We hope these tips help get you started on equipping your own toolbox.

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