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Coast to Coast Exhibits

Over the next two months, SmartPlug will be introduced to thousands of curious boat owners at 2 MAJOR boat shows. Exhibiting at the Seattle Boat Show, January 27th – February 4th,  and at the Miami International Boat Show, February 16th – 20th, SmartPlug will have the opportunity to bring to everyone’s attention how shore power delivery systems are getting the long overdue facelift to a safer and more reliable solution.


Most people are surprised to hear that the technology hasn’t really been updated and continues to plague the marine world as the No.1 cause of boat fires. Between the loosening of parts that go into the old twist type plugs along with broken off rings that are intended to secure the plug to a boat, the contacts that deliver the power from the cord to the inlet overheat and cause everything from scorching (if caught in time) to complete loss.


SmartPlug was developed for this very specific, yet often overlooked problem and has been tested around the world – proving that there is a better way to safely deliver shore power to boats and yachts. We invite you to come and see for yourself just how simple, safe, and secure SmartPlug is at our booth at these two amazing boat shows on either coast. On-site demonstrations will be happening from open to close each day of these events and our seasoned experts will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Be sure to mark your calendar today and we’ll see you there!


Seattle Boat Show

January 27th – February 4th


Miami International Boat Show

Feb 16th – 20th

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