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Best Must-Have Boat Accessories

To get the most enjoyment out of your boat, you need the best accessories! Some accessories can enhance your fishing trip, whereas others will make the boat more convenient. All, however, will increase your happiness every time you take to the water.

Here are the best boat accessories to add to your boat:

Fishing Features

If you’re an avid fisherman, then you’ll love these custom fishing features:•

  • Outriggers – These are long fishing rods that allow you to place many lines in the water. It is useful in catching open water fish and can be used with both lures and live bait.
  • Radar – With good radar, you can be aware of weather conditions. This information is important to maintain complete safety over water.
  • Fish-Fighting Chair – When a giant fish bites, you need to be ready with the right equipment, including a fish-fighting chair. This provides you the most effective leverage to pull in your trophy.
  • Garmin Display Screens – Garmin featured some of the finest display screens for boats. When you add this technology to your boat, you will have all the information about the condition of the water in an organized and easy form.
  • Stabilizer System – Being on the open ocean can cause your boat to rock and sway, which can cause sea overflow. To resolve this issue, a stabilizer system will be installed on your boat, decreasing rocking and increasing comfort. If you’re heading into the open ocean, ensure you’ve got a stabilizer system.
Leisure & Entertainment Features

If you’re planning on using your boat to entertain your friends and family, consider adding the following:

  • Tow Hook – Whether the boat is not moving forward or you want to tow it behind a yacht, having reliable tow hooks will be a major convenience.
  • Onboard Grill – Having a grill on your boat is an amazing feature to serving delicious meals no matter where your adventure takes you.
  • Satellite Radio – Sometimes you just need to have fun on the boat. Few things are as important to entertain your guests as a good sound system, including access to music. Make sure that everyone on board can listen to their favorite music with this accessory.
  • Ski Pylon – A ski pylon lifts a ski rope three feet higher than the boat’s deck. This keeps it out of the water when a skier is being pulled behind the boat, and is a safe, necessary accessory for water sports.

No matter how you decide to enjoy your boat, ensure that is has the safety shore power connection available on the market. SmartPlug features a multi-point locking system and solid sleeve connection that provide 20x more electrical contact. The secure, simple design is sure to revolutionize your boating experience.

Do you have a favorite must-have boating accessory? We’d love to hear about it – tell us in the comments!

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