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5 Tips for Your Memorial Day RV Adventure

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner! Have you made plans for an RV getaway yet? If you’re thinking of heading out for an adventure this coming holiday, here are some tips to get you started: 1. Plan Your Route & Destination Given the busy holiday weekend,people will likely be heading out early to enjoy their time off. This means more traffic thanusual. Be sure to plan your route early on so that you can avoid congestion on the road. Also, it’s a smart idea to plan your RV camp and even reserve your spot ahead of time too! 2. Choose Activities Is your family geared towards relaxing by the water or setting up camp near attractions and amusement parks? Maybe you want to stock up on board games you can take along with you!Whichever you prefer,plan what activities your family would like to partake in over the long weekend. It can help narrow down the perfect campground location as well as give everyone something to be excited about and look forward to. 3. Safety Check Before any road trip,it’s important to conduct a safety check of your coach. Be sure to check fluids and tire pressure, make sure all your systems are in working order and ensure you have working fire extinguishers and fire detectors too. It’s also important to check your park power connection; you don’t want to be left without power once you arrive on site. Is your connection loose or corroded? Time for an upgrade! SmartPlug is easy to install and will keep your family safe and secure. 4. Plan Your Menu Memorial Day weekend is the essential weekend of BBQs and cookouts. As you’re planning your destination, it’s equally as important to plan your menu! Take into consideration the number of guests you will be serving, how many days you will be away,and space in your freezer, refrigerator,and coolers. 5. Disconnect and Enjoy These days it seems we’re always connected to our smart phones, tablets, laptops,and gaming consoles. Make it a point for yourself and your family to disconnect from electronics and enjoy your time in the great outdoors and with each other. Wishing you a safe RV journey and an enjoyable kick off to the summer season!
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