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Tips to Make Your Airstream Go Green

RV vacations are already more environmentally friendly than fly, drive, or hotel vacations, but there are still ways we can go green-er in Airstreams. SmartPlug is all about safe and responsible RVing, so we wanted to share our favorite tips to help you go green in your Airstream.

1. Minimize your trash

While camping, use as few disposables as possible. Instead of packing paper plates and plastic ware, consider using real dishes. Look for opportunities to reuse consumables such as sandwich bags and aluminum foil. Another great hack is to refill your plastic bottles instead of throwing them out after one use. And don’t forget to recycle. If your campground doesn’t have a recycle station, designate a bin in your RV for recyclables and do a Google search for the nearest recycling center on your route.

2. Work with nature

When in hot weather, use natural shade. Try using awnings and canvas covers instead of the AC when possible and keep the windows open to get a nice breeze. When you’re in cold weather, remember to park your RV in a place where it will be protected from the north and west winds and warmed by sun exposure. You can drastically reduce the amount of energy use by cutting back on the AC and heater.

3. Cut down on utilities

In addition to cutting back on the AC and heater, save water by investing in a good water filtration system for your Airstream. In addition to reducing plastic consumption, you’ll also save money by not purchasing bottled water. Use solar kits as much as possible to reduce your power consumption while also keeping your RV’s batteries fully charged. Another great tip is to consider upgrading your fridge. If you’ve got an older refrigerator you may want to replace it with a high-efficiency model that could cut energy consumption in half.

4. Maximize your fuel efficiency

Here are some simple adjustments to make that can have a huge impact on your fuel efficiency. First, properly inflate your tires, as it improves an RV’s gas mileage. Whenever possible use biodiesel instead of regular diesel. Only pack what you absolutely need for your trip so that you reduce the weight of your Airstream. When driving on hills, reduce your speed; in addition to increasing your fuel efficiency, driving slow allows you to better enjoy the gorgeous view! Finally, stay on top of your scheduled maintenance and keep your Airstream tuned up.

At SmartPlug, we believe it’s our responsibility to be safe and smart RVers, and taking these easy steps will ensure you’re being environmentally friendly while on your adventures.

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