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SmartPlug Love from Texas

We love hearing from happy SmartPlug customers! Erika and Tony Dorsey recently installed our 50 AMP combo kit and were so impressed by the quality and ease of installation, that they wrote us a glowing review and even created a step by step guide on an RV forum. Here’s what they had to say:

“WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!Because we often travel to colder climates to use our Heartland Big Country 5th Wheel for a ski-vacation, wrestling with the old-style cord attachment in any kind of cold weather is a nightmare. Damp conditions, as well, are problematic when trying to secure the cord.Your SmartPlug design solves this issue, and makes a secure, water tight connection, as well!We had no problems at all installing the cord end –we opted to buy a cord with the wires exposed on the RV port side, and install your end on the cord.Second, we replaced the inlet port on our Heartland Big Country 5th Wheel. It took longer to remove the old than it did to install the new.We were very impressed with the quality of the product, ease of install, and the very clear installation instructions with pictures.”

View their step by step instruction guide on Heartland Owners Forum.
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