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SmartPlug Installation Resources

How Do You Install SmartPlug Products?

The SmartPlug is a patented device positioned to replace the current power delivery system for RVs, boats, a variety of specialty vehicles, and miscellaneous industrial applications. Founded in 2007, SmartPlug products were designed to be versatile and to provide world-class solutions that make power delivery safer, more secure, and easier to use.

But, HOW Exactly Do You Install SmartPlug Products?

We have plenty of resources to help guide you on your SmartPlug installation journey. Take a look.

  • Installation Instructionssimply select the correct category of products and find your SmartPlug product on the itemized list. Click and save the .pdf installation instruction document for your future use.
  • Sell Sheetsalso helpful is our Sell sheets that are broken down into categories such as “RV Sell sheet,” “Marine Sell Sheet,” and “Dockside Sell Sheet” to name a few. These provide a nice overview of our products as they compare to others within their category.
  • Videoscurrently on our website you’ll find eight videos that supply you with a visual of our products, including some installation demonstrations. A useful installation tool, you don’t want to skip over the video section.
  • Media Libraryour Media Library offers both product images and .pdf descriptions of our products by product number so you’ll know you’ve found the correct information for your SmartPlug product. It’s also broken up into product categories with a handy search function should you require it.
  • Catalogseach year we produce two annual catalogs – A marine one, and an RV one – that boast ALL our products for recreational use. Included in both catalogs are company and product overview information and details on each product which includes things like part number, description, material, color, length, and so forth.
  • FAQand, as you likely expected, we also have a FAQ section on our site that serves as a quick reference for those SmartPlug “Frequently Asked Questions.” Take a few minutes to skim this page – we’re certain you’ll learn something new OR get your question answered.

Visit our Resources Page and you’ll find the list of every page mentioned above, as well as testimonials and warranty information that may also be useful.

We are changing industry standards for recreational and commercial power delivery connectors, and hope you give our products a chance to prove just how valuable they can be to your boat, RV, or commercial specialty vehicle. After reviewing the “Resources” page linked above, don’t hesitate to contact us at 206-285-2990 should you have additional questions on how to install our SmartPlug lineup of products.

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