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At SmartPlug, we are proud to be made in America! Being an American made manufacturer comes with many benefits. As Americans, we take pride in our country and celebrate our independence through American manufacturing. “Made in the USA” tags can win over customers from simply seeing where it’s made. The benefits of products made in America override foreign suppliers who offer the same products.

Here are some of the top reasons why “Made in America” makes a difference:

Safer Products

Products made under U.S. control typically are held at a higher quality standard compared to foreign made products. There are many quality standards and processes to ensure safe resources are used when creating products. This gives customers peace of mind that they will not be exposed to hazardous materials and products. The United States guarantees better working conditions than overseas countries and ensures your products are made properly under good conditions.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Delivery is one of the most important elements of customer satisfaction. When manufacturing in the United States, it is much easier to offer quicker delivery times and at lower costs when compared to overseas manufacturers. Customers will be satisfied with a job well-done and with their products being delivered on time!

Homegrown Service/Products

A call to customer service is typically dreaded when dealing with overseas service reps. Language barriers can be frustrating to consumers, but when Made in America, communication can become easier. Consumers will have the opportunity to feel more connected to the company and better build trust. “Made in America” means products were made on American soil and this creates a sense of pride for consumers.

SmartPlug is honored to be 100% American made! Shop local with SmartPlug and support small businesses in our country!To learn more about how SmartPlug revolutionizes shore power delivery systems, visit our site:

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