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SmartPlug Debuts ELCI Sensors and Breakers

We’re excited to announce our new line of 30 and 50 Amp ELCI sensors and breakers. This new family of products provides (Equipment Leakage), Ground Fault sensing for the entire boat. The sensor operates in tandem with a calibrated breaker and meets the requirements of ABYC’s E-11 standard for ground fault protection and main shore power circuit protection.

The complete package constantly monitors the current balance of the conductors (wires / cables) supplying the power to the load. When a ground fault of 27mA nominal /30 mA max occurs, the sensor signals the breaker to trip. These new products are available in Stainless Steel and Non-Metallic white. These products match the SmartPlug look seen on our inlets, and data ports giving the boat a finished look.

Browse our ELCI sensors and breakers here. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us.

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