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tinned copper wire

SmartPlug Marine Cordsets Use Tinned Copper Wire for Ultimate Protection Against Corrosion

Did You Know?! Our SmartPlug marine cordsets use Tinned Copper Wire for ultimate protection against corrosion. Just as conductive as bare copper wire, tinned copper wire can last up to 10 TIMES as long. We’ll further explore why copper is tinned for marine product use, the benefits, as well as some interesting facts.

What is Tinned Copper? Essentially, tinned copper is copper coated by a base alloy such as solder better known as tin. Copper is desirable due to its durability and being lightweight. Yet, its main drawback is the fact it’s highly susceptible to corrosion. This is where tinning comes into play.

Tinning copper strengthens the copper’s natural properties, making it better equipped to withstand the environmental elements.

How it Works – When you apply a thin coating of tin to bare copper wire, either by dipping the copper in molten metal or by using an electric current to bind the tin to the copper, you create what is known as tinned copper wire.

Tinned copper wire is particularly useful in marine products like SmartPlug and projects where the tin coat makes the wire more resistant to water. Industrial cranes and subways for example also use tinned wire in their operations.

The Benefits of Tinned Copper Wire Include:

  • Resists Humidity
  • Handles High Temperatures
  • Withstands Environmental Elements

The Tin protects the copper wire from tarnishing or becoming oxidized. When copper is oxidized, it turns green. Think of a penny or the most famous example, the Statue of Liberty. What causes it to turn green you ask? It’s a chemical reaction of the metal surface with the oxygen present in the air that causes some of the metal to corrode or oxidize.

Here at SmartPlug, we use only the BEST in marine-grade quality materials to optimally protect your boat. Discover more about the benefits of tinned copper wire by contacting our team of experts at 206-285-2990.

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