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Safe Is Sexy; Show Off Your SmartPlug this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Do you have a romantic RV adventure planned? Or maybe you’ll enjoy date night on your boat? No matter how you plan to celebrate, remember –safe is sexy!

Before your mind begins to wander, let us clarify. By “safe”we, of course,mean practicing safe boating and RVing!Queue SmartPlug…

SmartPlug’s 4-Stage solution protects against overheating–the #1 cause of shower power failure and fires.Loose connections are addressed by a sleeve design and a multi-point locking system which take all the physical stress off the pins while securely fastening the plug to receptacle. Pin contact area is increased by more than 20x and protected behind three weatherproof seals for a dry and corrosion-free connection.

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As you head out on an adventure this Valentine’s Day, think ahead and don’t forget to use your SmartPlug!

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