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How to Turn a Modest Budget into a Big RV Adventure

Getting out on the road for an RV adventure doesn’t have to be an expensive feat. In fact, RVing is a great way to travel the country on a budget. If you’re ready to hit the road this year, be sure to follow our tips for a wallet-friendly enjoyable time:

Do Your Research

While planning your RV adventure, research is key. Consider exploring national parks instead of touristy cities that tend to be more expensive. Examine difference campsites and evaluate the charges and fees for the campsite versus the amenities that are important to you. While out in nature there are plenty of inexpensive(or free) activities you can participate in that will keep you in line with your budget while offering entertainment for the whole family. Do your research to see what is available near the different campsites of interest to ensure your family will be accommodated in a way that is both budget friendly and fun!

Make Smart Investments

Your RV is essentially your home on wheels. It’s important to ensure it is running safely and smoothly so that you can get to and return from your destination with ease. Making smart investments for your RV will be in your favor in the long run.

To ensure your RV is safely connected to shore power, invest in SmartPlug. With triple waterproof seals, a solid sleeve connection and a multi-point locking system, your connection will be safe so you can run your appliances without worry. SmartPlug is weather safe too, so no matter where your adventure takes you, your connection will be dry and corrosion-free.

With quality investments, you can avoid costly maintenance fees so your family truly can enjoy their vacation!

Enjoy the Ride

With proper planning and investments, you can enjoy a great RV adventure ope you found our tips helpful and can’t wait to hear where your ride takes you. Let us know in the comments!


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