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Discover How to Make Plug-In Heaters Safer with SmartPlug

If you’re an avid RVer and enjoy an adventure in cooler temperatures, you’ve likely turned to plug-in heaters to add some extra warmth to your ride. Portable heaters are the perfect solution to keep yourself warm in the cold weather but come with an increase in amperage loads that must have a strong electrical system to maintain it. If your system isn’t as strong as can be, SmartPlug is here to help! Our revolutionary design identifies and handles any safety hazard in a shore power system, and offers ways to avoid overheating and the possibility of fire.

While using these plug-in heaters, it is important to keep your eyes open for scorching. This is visibly noticeable when a yellow or brown color is outlining the inlet pins, which means it is time to replace them. Using a traditional twist-type connector allows for a higher chance of pitting and corrosion on metal surfaces. Due to the lack of surface contact, electrical resistance causes overheating, most commonly found when running high-amperage devices such as heaters.

To safeguard against the chance of harmful shore power damage, we offer numerous Retrofit Kits. The SmartPlug Stainless Inlet is easily retrofitted to the existing four-hole pattern of the traditional twist-type inlet. With our easy-to-use design, we bring 20 times the metal-to-metal surface contact in order to transfer the maximum electrical power efficiently.

Our goal is to make your RV electrical connection stress-free and secure. Because our SmartPlug system has dual locking clips and a sleeved inlet, you’ll find it easier to use than the twist-type power cords. Replacing an inlet and connector is as simple as it gets. To provide more detail and assistance, we’ve added videos to our website to help ensure a job well done.

Ensure your safety by utilizing SmartPlug on your RV. We design our products to be safe, simple, and secure. Browse our RV product line here and see for yourself why SmartPlug is the smart choice!

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