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Another Happy SmartPlug User

Recently we had the pleasure of donating a SmartPlug to the Southeast Region Rally to raise money for the Heartland Gives Back Project. Bob Curry was the winner of our SmartPlug donation and was kind enough to share hisinstallationexperience with SmartPlug. Here is what Bob had to say: “At the Abilene TX Rally I placed an offer on a silent auction for a SmartPlug and won. For those that are interested I installed it today with the assistance of Dave Seabolt and the moral support of David Williams. I just won the Smart Plug inlet and connector. But I called Terry at SmartPlug and I asked to get the entire inlet and cable and they made me an offer. It took about 15 to 20 Minutes to install the inlet. Would have taken much longer to install the inlet and the connector on my cable. Having someone to help, like Dave,made it a lot easier. You will need a good wire cutter, screw driver for the RV screws, a 4mm allen wrench to install what I have. Also, Terry and,Tony,were very helpful and to me, very honest. I liked doing business with them. If you’re interested give them a call. I like the cable. Mine was the old original so this one is easier to use.” If you’ve recently installed SmartPlug on your RV, we’d love to hear about your experience! Feel free to tell us in the comments or contact us here.
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