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“A Rock Solid, Well-Engineered & Constructed Device”

Nothing makes us prouder than when we hear from happy SmartPlug users! Check out our latest review from RV enthusiast, John:

“You guys are amazing. I received a 50 cord seal kit some time ago and installed the proper size cord seal today. You even included a new gasket with the kit, THANK YOU!

Your customer service (which is of utmost importance to me) is World Class too.I read the article about SmartPlug in Trailer Life a couple of years ago and ordered a 50-amp set soon thereafter.

The RV industry standard that came with my RV, with its questionable fit and worse connections is cheap junk at best.

With 45 years’ experience in the electrical trade, I could surely see the potential of a burned-up connector or a devastating fire.

I was very impressed with the quality of my Smart plug connector and receptacle.

A rock solid, well-engineered and constructed device. Installation was a breeze, connection to the RV is a sure thing and I do not hesitate to use all my electrical devices when parked and connected to shore power.

Your product is the best available and worth every penny of the purchase price.I am proud to have it installed on my RV.”

If you’re using SmartPlug on your RV or Boat and want to share your experience, we’d be happy to feature you! Contact us today to speak with our team.

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