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2018 Top Technology Trends in Boating

When it comes to boating, technology may not be the first thing that comes to mind. As boaters for many years, we’ve seen the shift in the industry and how technology is quickly advancing in the boating world. Here are 5 of the latest technology trends to hit the marine world: Mobile Apps: Just like most industries, the marine industry is catching up and going mobile.New apps have hit the market that help with everything from weather forecasts, sea conditions,and even GPS navigation. Digital Dashboard: Say goodbye to manual dials! If you’re in the market for a new boat you may notice a digital trend in recent models. Dashboards are making the transition to digital –you can control the engine, maps, stereo,and more with just the touch of the screen. Electrical Connection: Shore power delivery systems have remained virtually unchanged since they first came out in 1938. Have you ever even thought to update your system that comes standard with every boat? When it comes to your boat’s electrical connection, it’s important to have the safest, most secure and easy to install system in place, especially if your boat is using all of these other tech upgrades too. SmartPlug is the latest tech upgrade that is revolutionizing the boating experience. It maximizes electrical transfer with triple waterproof seals and solid sleeve connection. The best part is, it’s foolproof –no twisting required! Sound Systems: What’s a day on the boat without some tunes?! The technology available these days for boating is incredible. Customize your boat just like you would a vehicle or your home. Add more speakers inside and outside, include a bass and even add the option to sync up to the music on your phone or connect to Sirius. Lighting: Lighting is a fun way to amp up the customization on a boat. Choose any color (or all of them!) and set the mood for a fun time at sea. There are systems that offer timers, color changes,and more. Don’t forget your underwater lights,too! Do you have a favorite tech upgrade you’re enjoying on your boat? Tell us about it in the comments!
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