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Upgrading Power Connection is a Simple 30- Minute Job

With milder temperatures approaching, many RVers are upgrading their motorhomes, buses, campers, and expedition vans. One simple 30-minute DIY project is replacing traditional-type AC power connectors with a state-of-the-art SmartPlug Combo Kit. Not only will the rig’s power be more efficient and reliable, but the RV will be far safer.

Since it was invented 80 years ago, the twist-type power connector hasn’t changed much. It still relies on thin blades that corrode and easily bend, and an annoying “L” shape that must be aligned just right. The pioneering SmartPlug is different. It has a robust pin and clip design that delivers 27 times more metal-to-metal contact than its predecessor. This provides greater protection against high resistance, overheating, and arcing, some of the leading causes of failure. Plus, it pushes straight in and secures with dual side locks, instead of the old-fashioned ring that never seems to thread correctly.

Installing a SmartPlug doesn’t require professional skills or power tools. Because it uses an industry-standard hole pattern, there’s no cutting or drilling involved. Beyond the specialized tools included in the Combo Kit, all that’s needed are a #2 Phillips screwdriver, wire cutters, pliers, utility knife, liquid soap, and paper towels.

The SmartPlug Combo Kit uses the existing RV power cord, saving a lot of money. The old plug end is cut off and the SmartPlug installed. A video of the simple process is at

The second step is faster than the first. It involves removing the inlet from the side of the RV and replacing it with the SmartPlug unit. To match the appearance of the rig, these are available in black, white, and grey polymer, and polished stainless steel.

SmartPlug Combo Kits are available in 16, 30, 32, and 50 amps. Prices start at $104.

SmartPlug Systems engineers and manufactures safe alternatives to traditional AC power connections. Its plugs, inlets, cordsets, sensors, and breakers are CE certified; its 30A and 50A inlets and connectors are ETL certified to UL standards and meet CSA requirements.

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