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RV Fire Coverage

RV Dealership Loses Nearly 100 RVs in Fire

A few months back a fire broke out at Fraserway RV located less than five miles north of the Canadian-U.S. border in Abbotsford, British Columbia. A large sales lot with an estimated 400 to 500 RVs, 100 of them were completely destroyed with many others extensively damaged, resulting in millions in damages.

The original article states, “Officials are unclear as to what exactly started the fire. However, there’s a good chance it resulted from an electrical failure in one of the RVs. With the RVs packed so tightly together, a fire in a single RV would quickly spread in a domino-like path. It’s a real challenge to stop a fire like that once it gets going.  Electrical fires are common occurrences in RVs, especially as wires and sensitive components corrode from moisture or water damage.”

Recent flooding in the area made it even more difficult for the approximately 40 firefighters who battled the fire, having to navigate around high-voltage power lines over the lot.

Video Captures the Devastation a Fire can Cause an RV Dealership or Campground in a Matter of Minutes.

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There are a few ways to prevent RV fires, especially in colder months. Check wiring and electrical components regularly for any signs of destruction by rodents or water damage and beware of space heaters and portable heaters that produce massive amounts of energy that can push electrical wiring and components to their limits.

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