LHRF50ASSY | EATON Lighthouse Pedestal Retro-fit Conversion Kits

30A / 50AReceptacle Kit
(Includes:(1)30A SmartPlug Receptacle,(1) 50A SmartPlug Receptacle,Main Mounting Bracket,(1)30A Mounting Plateand (1) 50A Mounting Plate)

  • Mechanical Locking System–Each receptacle incorporates a spring-loaded lock for a secure connection.
  • Weather Resistant Seal-Multi-fin silicone gaskets installed in the inlet cover and the plug body eliminates moisture penetration.
  • Ease of Use – Locks into the edge of the SmartPlug mounting flange.
  • NoTwist Required.
  • Asymmetrical Body Shape – It only goes in the right way every time – even in the dark!
  • Push-in Design – Self-cleaning pins & clips.
  • Easy to Install – Mounting plate only requires 4 screws to install.

SmartPlug Receptacles are designed to provide the maximum surface contact to efficiently transfer power while minimizing resistance which causes heat. These receptacles are used to upgrade existing marina pedestals. They can also be installed in industry standard electrical boxes when used in conjunction with our spring-loaded weather doors.

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