B32ASSYPW | 16 Am32 Amp - Combo Kit
Female Connector & Non-Metallic Inlet / White


The 32A 230V inlet and connector offer superior performance and ease of use. The non-metallic lid includes a multi-fin gasket. You can easily cut off the connector on the current cordset and install the safe and easy-to-use SmartPlug connector.

  • Eliminates Overheating – Increased pin & clip surface area greatly improves electrical conductivity during high amperage demand.
  • Ease of Use – No twist required, the unique plug body shape and push-in design mean it only goes in the right way every time – even in the dark!
  • Multi-Point Locking System – Side clips lock the plug securely into the inlet which eliminates any stress on the pins from the movement of the power cord.
  • Weatherproof Seals – Multi-fin silicone gaskets installed in the inlet cover and interior of the plug body eliminates moisture penetration.
  • Quick & Easy Installation – Inlet mounting flange holes match twist-type holes for an installation that is typically finished in 30 minutes.